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The Co-Working Space Type is becoming increasingly popular. The number of businesses is increasing and Hybrid work forms are being applied in multinational corporations.

Therefore, Coworking space services are also fully utilized. The coworking space concept brings many benefits to a diverse customer base. In this article, Arental Vietnam will introduce to you detailed information about the coworking space services model.

1. What Is The Definition Of A Coworking Space Model?

There are still many customers who have questions such as:

  • "What is the definition of Coworking Space?"
  • "How does the Coworking Space model work?",
  •  "Is the coworking space concept capable of replacing the traditional office model?"

Arental Vietnam will help you answer that question. Coworking space services is a form of shared workspace rental. This means that many customers from many different industries and companies will work at the same location.

Coworking Space provides a variety of working spaces at reasonable costs and is a perfect replacement for traditional offices or long-term work at coffee shops. Customers only need to rent a location according to the area of the supplier and can use it immediately.

This is a completely new and popular office model after the COVID-19 period when people gradually preferred the Hybrid working style. At the same time, they also want to leave the home office or noisy public places.

In general, Coworking Space is suitable for customers aged 25 and over, they love freedom, and flexibility and have a deep sense of space. They do not like to be bound by the administrative time of traditional companies and are free to choose their favorite workplace to achieve the best results.

In particular, Coworking space services are also the favorite choice of foreign customers living and working in other countries.

2. General Features Of Coworking Space Rental Services At Arental Vietnam

Arental Vietnam was born in 2017 under the management of Lam Hai An Investment Consulting Co., Ltd . Arental Vietnam does business in the field of renting office services of all kinds from Coworking Spaces and shared offices to dedicated desks or hot desks. The business has more than 5 years of experience and targets large-scale fields such as: Real estate and asset investment consulting.

In terms of Coworking Space, Arental Vietnam owns a chain of systems in all central districts such as District 1, District 2, District 7, Binh Thanh District, and Phu Nhuan District. Below is a list of Arental's shared office rental service branches along with prices. Let's refer to it.

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Arental Vietnam's headquarters, called ASpace Building, is located at 30 Tran Nao Street, Binh An Ward, Center of District 2, Thu Duc City.

2.1 Overview of Arental Vietnam's Main Coworking Office Headquarters

Arental Vietnam's first coworking space model was established at the ASpace building:

  • Building structure: Spacious basement car parking area, 1 ground floor and 5 floors.
  • The total area of the ASpace building is about 200m2 for the main business with coworking space services and supporting services such as a shared office, hot desk, dedicated desk, and meeting rooms.
  • The average seating area at Arental Coworking space is about 3 - 5 m2/seat.
  • Customers using the service will be equipped with basic office equipment such as luxurious plywood lockers with separate keys, desks, bookshelves, ergonomic chairs, and so on.
  • In addition, the Aspace building is also fully equipped with standard lighting and lighting systems, Toshiba air conditioners, projectors, emergency exits, fire protection equipment, a 24/7 IT support team, high-speed Internet connection, and so on.

3. Details of Arental Vietnam's Coworking Space service

Currently, our coworking space concept in Ho Chi Minh City is divided into 3 main types: Coworking space dedicated desk, coworking space hot desk, and private office space. Let's refer to our main service types:

3.1 Dedicated desks

This is the most popular type of shared office at all Arental Vietnam branches. Because customers can choose their favorite seat and suit their needs. The dedicated desk coworking space price list ranges from 2 million VND/month for a 5m2 desk fully furnished.

This option is suitable for customers who work in the office regularly and like stability, privacy, and individuality.

With the dedicated desk coworking space rental service, you will be able to choose a sitting position and that position is fixed and does not change during the rental period.

Even if customers do not come to the office, that position remains vacant until the end of the lease contract. 

In addition, with this option, you can install fixed devices such as desktop computers, printers, landline phones... and other items at the desk. Besides, you can use cabinets and lockers at your desk to ensure property safety.

3.2 Coworking space hot desk concept

For the hot desk format, the rental cost will be lower than the shared office dedicated desk. Customers cannot choose seats according to personal needs.

Customer seating positions will change every day, this depends on available seats in the building. Customers who arrive first will be given the first choice of seating.

In particular, many customers are worried about running out of space. Arental Vietnam ensures to always provide adequate coworking space for all of its customers.

The hot desk coworking space type will be most suitable for the type of person who loves freedom and newness.

Changing your seating position in the office every day will give you more inspiration to work and be more creative, avoiding a boring atmosphere.

If you don't need much time to go to the office, then "flexible coworking space is one of the most suitable and economical options for you".

In particular, coworking space hot desk rental services of Arental Vietnam offer prices ranging from only 99,000 VND per day to 1.5 million VND per day.

4. Evaluation Arental Vietnam Coworking Space Price List And Payment Method

As we mentioned, Arental Vietnam coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City offers two types: hot desk and dedicated desk.

4.1 Price List

Working seat:

  • Fixed working seat - 2 million/month
  • Flexible coworking space - 1.5 million/month

Besides, we also provide 3 additional types of private office space with fully furnished:

  • Fully furnished office for 4 people - 12 million/month.
  • Fully furnished office for 6 people - 16 million/month.
  • Full-service office for 8-10 people - 18 million/month.

4.2 Payment Method

  • Deposit: 0 - 2 months (depending on the service)
  • Payment: 1-6 months/time
  • The lease contract will be effective for at least 12 months.

These are just reference timelines, customers and Arental Vietnam can negotiate the most convenient way during the coworking space service rental process.

4.3 Basic equipment at ASpace coworking space

  • Necessary equipment for office work such as: Printer, photocopier, desk phone, high-speed wifi connection
  • Relaxation corner: Pantry counter serving tea, coffee, drinks and dining area
  • Arental Vietnam supports customers even if they do not come to the office: Reception staff support receiving letters and parcels as well as welcoming customers
  • 24/7 security team: The office always has management staff to ensure timely customer support. Infrared security camera equipment is equipped at many key locations inside buildings
  • Support for accompanying services: Booking meeting room, tax reporting services, accounting, and so on. Depending on the customer's needs, the provider can provide support for free or at a preferential rate.
  • Coworking space services not only provide flexible workspaces, but they also bring convenience to all of your business activities.
  • Arental Vietnam will become effective "assistants" of your business and achieve much success in working together.

5. Modern Coworking Space Office Design Style

Aesthetic criteria are also one of the factors that SMEs, Freelancers, and Customers consider when choosing a workplace.

Arental Vietnam wants to create a shared workspace that is dynamic, bright, connected, and inspiring. Therefore, coworking space rental service will provide 2 main design styles:

5.1 Korean Style Coworking Space

  • Neutrally light main colors: white, beige, light brown, light yellow... These colors are used not only for walls and floors but also in all objects and furniture.
  • Using environmentally friendly materials: Warmth and intimacy are reflected in decorative items such as wood, glass, stone... Creating a coworking space in harmony with nature and bringing spirit more comfortable and softer.
  • Minimalist and versatile interior: Characteristics of Korean-style furniture always promote minimalism and limit elaborate patterns. Functionality always comes first. For example, a foldable desk or some space-saving furniture.

5.2 Tropical Coworking Space Design Style

Tropical coworking space office design is inspired by lands near the equator, where the tropical climate is hot, humid, and rainy. Natural green is used as the main color, always bringing a feeling of freshness, full of energy and closeness to nature.

  • Main colors: Green and blue are the two colors often used as the main colors. In particular, the colors are always flexible, sometimes they are bright monochrome, or they will be strong, vibrant colors.
  • Materials used: Silk is a material widely used in Tropical style designs. In addition, natural wood, ornamental plants, and materials made from nature are also favored.
  • Prefer using ornamental plants: To clearly express the tropical style, ornamental plants are the most popular decorative items (palm trees, ornamental bananas, dwarf coconuts...) which will make the working space cooler.
  • Natural furniture and decorations bring a tropical impression to the space but are not complete. To make the space complete, the presence of live ornamental plants is indispensable. Ornamental banana trees, coconut trees, and palm trees will be skillful decorations to make the space cooler and more relaxing.

Answer questions related to Coworking Space rental service

If I choose the

The answer is YES, if the position the customer wants is still vacant

How many forms of payment are there for coworking space office service?

  • Customers can pay by: Cash or bank transfer
  • Pay the rental fee monthly, or pay quarterly or annually
  • Payment date at the beginning of the month (customer's first day working in the office)

Is there support staff while working at the coworking space Ho Chi Minh city office?

YES, in the shared office area there will be a receptionist and office manager to support customers 24/7.

Can customers use the building address to register their business?

YES, depending on the service package customers use, there will be free or surcharged support

If customers come to the office for only a few days/month, how is the rental price calculated?

Customers can refer to using the service of renting working seats by day, priced at only 99k/day

Are customer belongings kept in shared offices guaranteed to be safe?

YES, at the office there is a camera system and personal lockers for each customer. There is also a security team on duty at the building 24/7

Are there printers, photocopiers, and drinking water at the coworking space office?

At the office, there is a pantry available to serve free tea, coffee, and drinking water to customers. Besides, there are also free photocopiers and printers and information security for customers.