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1. What is a serviced office?

Serviced Office (All-inclusive office),  Convenient Office (Easy Office), Smart Office (Smart Office) ... are the names used to describe the type of office rental service including all utilities, that meet the needs of customers, businesses.

Some basic utilities in serviced office:

  • Office with equipment, tables and chairs, filing cabinets, air conditioners, photo printers...

  • Professional reception or meeting room…

  • The pantry serves drinks

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The aim of a serviced office is to maximize convenience for customers. Businesses using this type of office only need to come and work without having to spend time, set up costs, purchase equipment as well as invest in other utilities that they do not use often (meeting room, reception, pantry, dining area, reception area...). Therefore, the type of serviced office in Ho Chi Minh city always provides a working space with fully furnished and designed in a modern and optimal style for customers.

serviced office in HCMC

Serviced offices in HCMC are usually located in office buildings with prime locations for traffic. Full serviced office system at Arenal.vn:

  • Serviced office in District 1

  • Serviced office in District 2

  • Serviced office in District 3

2.Serviced office at Arental.vn

To find an office in the center of Ho Chi Minh City that is fully furnished, comes with all the office utilities at the best price is really difficult for many businesses. Understanding the problems that many businesses are facing, Arental.vn is an office leasing service provider in Ho Chi Minh City that offers customers the most optimal and economical solution through a full serviced office model. .

serviced office in HCMC

Serviced office at Arental.vn includes all utilities to support business operations:

  • Luxury furniture is designed, equipped or designed and installed according to the requirements of the business

  • Professional office management team, 24/7 customer support

  • Office equipment such as printers, copiers, scanners, etc.

serviced office in HCMC

  • Common areas such as:

  • Canteen area, pantry counter serving food needs.

  • Lobby area, sofa to receive guests, short meetings.

  • The meeting room area is equipped with projectors, whiteboards, pens, etc. to hold meetings and welcome customers and partners.

serviced office in HCMC

  • Reception staff experienced in bilingual English - Vietnamese to assist customers in receiving letters, parcels and receiving customer information.

  • Other supporting services, depending on the needs of each customer such as:

  • Delivery service, delivery units such as Viettel Post, Vn Post, VietStar Express...

  • Service of setting up a new business, changing location (same district, different district) for businesses that have registered a business license

  • Convenient and cost-effective accounting and tax services

Businesses using the service office at Arental.vn only need to focus on implementing business activities, the rest of their needs are already supported by our staff 24/7.

3. What business is a serviced office suitable for?

Serviced office is an office rental model that is not too new in Ho Chi Minh City. However, not all businesses know where to choose the best solution for their business.

serviced office in HCMC

Serviced office has been chosen by many customers, the business model/field of operation is suitable for this type of business:

  • Businesses with a low budget for office rent, and prioritize cost optimization.

  • Start-up group - Startup: group of 4 or more employees, initially operating a business.

  • Freelance team - Freelancer, team/group working on projects.

serviced office in HCMC

  • The business operates on a remote working model, with only the core team working in the office.

  • Domestic and foreign enterprises who want to open branches and try their hand at Ho Chi Minh market, Vietnam, with limited initial investment.

  • Businesses are building an image, need a professional and modern office.

  • Businesses that need convenience in customer transactions, need an office in the city center

In addition, the type of serviced office is also considered to be suitable for all businesses that need to use it, without any specific distinction.

4. Benefits when businesses use a serviced office at Arental.vn

Cost saving s- top priority

Investment costs for offices are the top concern of all businesses.

serviced office in HCMC

When using a serviced office service, the lessee does not need to pay any other additional costs such as:

  • Investment costs for equipment, furniture, tables and chairs

  • Expenses for cleaning staff, security guards, receptionists

serviced office in HCMC

  • Internet installation fee

  • Parking fee, electricity, water, management fee...

All are included in the package rental price, and of course this is the most reasonable, optimal and economical number for businesses.

Prime location

For the serviced office model, service providers always aim for the convenience of customers. Office location is one of the most important factors, ensuring connectivity and convenience for all transactions of customers with partners.

serviced office in HCMC

At Arental.vn, our serviced office system is always located at major arterial roads and major roads. Customers and partners can easily find and conveniently move to neighboring districts.

Flexible rental term

Office lease contracts are usually signed for at least 1 year. However, for the serviced office model, the rental period is flexible depending on the needs of customers.

serviced office in HCMC

Duration of contract can be flexible according to 3 months - 6 months - 12 months or 2 years. However, rental units often prioritize longer rental periods because of the costs involved, and the price when signing a long-term lease will be more favorable.

Comparing between keeping the traditional office, leasing by area, vacant office and serviced office, the serviced office still prevails thanks to the flexible leasing term.

Modern design, luxurious interior

Choosing an interior design unit, or a furniture supplier to ensure quality and balance costs is also one of the problems that wastes time and budget of businesses.

serviced office in HCMC

The service office helps businesses solve problems with equipment and furniture quickly. The office is always ready, customers can start at any time.

In addition, the serviced offices are always designed and decorated according to the most modern trends, creating a dynamic and creative working environment for businesses.

Building corporate image

Office quality is not a prerequisite to make a business image. However, this is one of the factors that helps businesses build the first impression on customers and partners.

Office in luxury building, modern design, prime location, clean space, with a friendly security team, a professional reception from the outside… this is one of the basic things that creates an extremely good first impression for your partners.

serviced office in HCMC

Diversity of utilities

In addition to providing offices, Arental.vn also provides all operational support services for businesses. Depending on the type of service, customer support will be both free and charged. Some of the utilities/services we support customers are:

  • Sign up for mail delivery

  • Private Internet registration, the office is already equipped with high-speed wifi, but if customers have a need to use higher bandwidth (some special areas) will be supported for private use.

  • Tax reporting and accounting services

  • Legal services such as business registration, relocation of the same and different districts.

serviced office in HCMC

Professional management which supports 24/7

Personal office management team, ensuring to solve all customer problems 24/7 such as support overtime sessions and customer-requested issues quickly and enthusiastically.

serviced office in HCMC

5. Price list of  Serviced office in HCMC

Price list of serviced offices in HCMC from office leasing unit Arental.vn

(Rent price can be flexible, change depending on the time and customer needs. Contact us immediately at 0903 642 689 to get the best quotation)

Number of employees

Area (m2)

Rental price (VND)


✅  Shared office



✅  Serviced office for 1 person



✅  Serviced office for 4 employees



✅  Serviced office for 6-8 employees

20 - 30


✅  Serviced office for 10 employees or more

50 - 60


✅  Serviced office for 20 employees


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6. The process of supporting customers to rent a Serviced office at Arental.vn

The process of supporting customers to choose an office quickly at Arental.vn

serviced office in HCMC

Step 1: Receive customer information

Step 2: Contact customer support consultant

  • Receiving customer requests

  • Send location references and quotations

Step 3: Support customers to visit the office

  • Receive specific requests (if any)

  • Assist customers in negotiating terms

  • Send related documents, sample contracts for customers' reference

Step 4: Sign the contract and pay the cost.

Step 5: Office handover, officially used by customers.

Above is some information about Service office at Arental.vn If you need any further information and support, please contact us via hotline 0903 642 689 for the fastest support.

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